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We would love for you to be our guest!


The reoccurring statement that we hear the most from first time guests to our church is: "Everyone is so friendly!"


We really do strive to make all who walk through our doors feel welcomed and wanted, because you really are! Your race, religion, or past church history is not important to us. It is our sincere desire that we can be helpful to you wherever you may be on your spiritual quest. We believe that you will leave refreshed after being a part of one of our services. Our worship is passionate and heartfelt and there are times we may become rather excited, WE LOVE BEING IN HIS PRESENCE! If we can make you more comfortable or answer any spiritual questions we would love to be of service.


We have FREE home Bible Studies available, taught in your home by qualified teachers with the use of illustrated color charts. Many have remarked that the bible has come alive to them after receiving this study. For more information call the church office at (601) 442-1411. We're looking forward to seeing you soon! We would love to be your church!

"Everyone is so friendly!"

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